Bona Dea Naturals

My entire adult life I struggled with constant vaginal infections. Constant doctor visits and regular applications of prescription drugs usually served to only weaken the infection, rather than truly cure it. I had resigned myself to the idea that this was my reality and I had given up hope of ever having a truly healthy vagina. It wasn't until I switched to a new gynecologist and she prescribed boric acid suppositories that I experienced a couple of wonderful epiphanies: 1) I could have a healthy vagina! and 2) Natural treatments are sometimes better than what pharmaceutical companies have created.

This led me down a path of research, testing, and exploration. Over the last few years I've come to realize that women don't often talk about the many and varied issues of that most mysterious (and magical!) of body parts: our vaginas. I thought I was all alone but there are so many of us who have spent years suffering, repeatedly visiting doctors who have done little to help because western medicine is clearly limited in what it can do for us.

Our vaginas are wonderful, complicated, and powerful! It is absolutely essential to your well-being that it is healthy and happy! Please follow my shop as I continue to work to create natural products that help promote and support women's health. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback about my products, products you have found that have worked, and other questions and comments you may have.

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